Swimlane Goals

The Swimlane Goals feature in Denkplan Portfolio Maps offers a practical way to align your team's efforts with broader objectives. It allows you to set specific goals or objectives for iterations or releases directly within your portfolio map.

You can associate relevant key results, tasks, or stories to these goals. This association is made using standard Jira issue links, which you can define in the hierarchy configuration of your portfolio map.

Preview of goals feature

Here's how you can leverage this feature to enhance project visibility and alignment:


In the Hierarchy Configuration, first activate the goal feature, then select a issue type for the goals, as well a link type for the relationship between column element (action field) and goals, and the relationship between tasks / keyresults and goals.

Configuration of goals feature

Visualizing Connections

Viewing Connections: After linking tasks or stories to your goals, you'll notice visual lines connecting these elements on your portfolio map. This visual cue helps you see at a glance how individual tasks contribute to overarching objectives.

Creating New Connections

Establishing New Links: To create new connections, simply drag issues over the relevant goals. As you do this, the goals will highlight in light green. Dropping the card onto a highlighted goal will link the two issues, establishing a relationship between the task and the objective.

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